The McIvor family at Farmhouse Biscuits have been making traditional recipe biscuits for almost sixty years, since Dorothy and Phillip had to start baking to survive the winter of 1962 on their Lancashire hill farm.

We were pretty much brought up on them, so we know how good they are. It’s time to share that secret with you.

So now you can have tasty traditional recipe Farmhouse Biscuits delivered to your door, every month, with this monthly subscription box. It’s almost as though Granny baked them herself.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll not need much of an excuse to get the biscuits out. Now you’ll get the chance to try a whole variety every single month, and the bakers at Farmhouse will even give you pairing tips and some of their history too.

Things are pretty tough at the moment, but biscuits are one of life’s little pleasures. In fact, here in the UK we eat more than any other Country in the world. So in true British style, pop on the kettle and enjoy our traditional Farmhouse Biscuits.